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Skip, how long have you been flying with drone base? I've been having a hell of a time just trying to get 1 job with them, let alone multiple.
Al, sorry about the newbie question: What is DSAR that you are a member of?
Good morning Jon. It's Drone SAR and here's a link to the website: Dronesar
Hello everyone,

I am relativity new to drones. I am wondering if anyone went to online school to get their commercial pilots license?
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you might of served some time at Beal? I'm also USAF retired and we're the same age. Where are you living? I'm in MIA 7/12ths of the year, right now I'm up in NW Montana for the other 5 months. I have a photography business of aerial shots around the lake. I rarely post on he forum but will PM on occasion. You will learn a lot on the forums, I'm on several.
Hello I live in Hillsboro Oregon and I am trying to introduce drones into farming. Crop analysist is what people are interested in and want to see it in action. Can you give me any insight on how a person will make his money back? Seems like the farms are around 100 to 500 acres.

Johnny Cage
Who do you work for, if you don't mind telling me? My day job is with AT&T, but I would love to get into cell tower inspections, full time. I'm in NW Mississippi, BTW.
Long time hobby pilot turned Part 107 sUAS SAR pilot with Minuteman Disaster Response. Looking to improve my skills and help develop this very needed program in the SAR industry.
Welcome to the DSAR area of Commercial Drone Pilots. You should now see the new DSAR Members Only area.
A big thank you to the Forum to getting this running!
Stormbee develop and sell UAV in combination with FARO lidars. Our team will organize demonstration days on May 14th - 15th. We are looking for a location in UK (by preference Midlands) where we can do flights. this can be in collaboration with partners.

Can anyone guide us?
NAR, is tablet-based app that allows you to transform your pictures into information on-the-fly by efficiently labeling, organizing, packaging and sharing the huge amount of pictures collected. NAR has completed over 5,000 inspections globally in the sectors of energy, utility, engineering, governments and many more.
Thank you for the response. I think trying to work with the Fire Departments is going to be tough without knowing any of the folks. Seems they might be pretty tight lipped with outsiders. I will try and meet them and see where it goes.


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