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Recent content by Kristina Fowler

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    Why did the drone cross the road?

    I'm aware that current 107 regs state (or more correctly, imply) that you cannot fly over MOVING vehicles. §107.39 Operation over human beings. No person may operate a small unmanned aircraft over a human being unless that human being is: (a) Directly participating in the operation of the...
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    Program to Pre-Fly the "perimeter" and then create the MAP from that?

    Al - you might try AutoPilot (by Hangar). See the image below. I use a P4P. Manually fly to a start point. Hit the "C2" button on the underside of the controller and you'll get the popup shown on right - then hit "New Waypoint at Start" to drop a start-point (#1) on the map. Then manually fly...
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    Drone Origin Important for U.S. Government.

    I'd like to know the origins of the notion that DJI is swiping data from drones and sending it back to the Motherland. I have yet to see anything definitive about that. All you hear is "possible security risks". Can't the same be said for all DJI competitors made in China?? Why is everybody...
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    Construction Promo Video - Dublin

    That's a very nice video. Not only are the effects great, but it tells a very clear and concise story about the project and leaves no doubt about the logistics involved. Curious: at 1:59, there is a time-lapse + slow zoom. Is the zoom done in post-editing or was that dialed in at the time the...
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    About those mysterious drones flying over several states

    The presumption is that the operators are in violation of the law. It is entirely possible they are acting in accordance with FAA regulations. It is not incumbent upon a duly authorized operator, acting in accordance with regulations, to publicly proclaim his right to do so. When you fly your...
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    What is the best non-DJI/non-DSLR drone for images and video?

    JDS - that's a very nice photo. I'll check it out.
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    What is the best non-DJI/non-DSLR drone for images and video?

    Hoping some CDP subscribers can make recommendations on this, along with Pros and Cons. Looking for 20MP/4k minimum.Thanks in advance. K
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    Photo and Video Permission

    The casual observer (including me) would confidently conclude that the front-desk person was talking out their rear end. Paramount to ordering take-out and the restaurant owner telling you you're the only one who can eat it. People gonna people.:rolleyes: Reminiscent of a Seinfeld episode.
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    Cell Tower 3D Models

    What is the minimum angle (up) necessary?
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    DroneLogBook.com It's automatic and also shows a 3D video replay of each flight. It's FREE.
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    Good morning & question about 107 training

    “Flight Ready” Remote Pilot Test App (iOS); 95% on initial exam; 98% on renewal
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    Breaking: "AirMap Acquires Hangar Technology"

    In the early days (2016-ish), I always thought Hangar was a great company with really nice, ground-breaking apps and end-user programs, especially in the construction sector. That said, I've been mystified as to where they wandered off to and what they were trying to do. A bit shrouded in...
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    "Drone Bubble Implodes, Wipes Out Startups And Hammers VC Firms" [Article]

    Don't mean to be a Negative Nellie, but I think it's prudent to take a comprehensive look at the entire industry, including the flame-outs at the upper levels. For aerial service providers like myself, I think the market will eventually settle into the "concierge" provider category, where...
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    Where do you park your car?

    Amen. I always use AEB (5-shot) when I shoot. At a construction site, there are often moving vehicles and consequently, they appear blurred in the merged images. A quick lasso/content-aware and poof... they're gone.