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3d mapping

  1. B

    Drones with measuring capabilities

    Hi, I’m reaching out to anyone who may know what, if any drone has the capability to measure objects… whether that is possible during flight or even possible after flight if I load the images or videos into some software programs. I currently have a DJI mini 2 that I have used for fun but now...
  2. B

    NEW ebee sq sensefly with many extras for sale

    NEW!!! SenseFly eBee SQ with many extras. NEVER FLOWN! You will get: 6 batteries (2 previously used, 4 brand new), 5 propellers, 3 packs of propeller rubber bands, 3 battery chargers with all the proper connectors, the modem with usb connector, a spare underbody skin, 4 wings (1 set previously...
  3. Clinton Carman

    Troubleshooting - P4P v2 won't connect to ANY mapping apps - Help!

    I have a brand new Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 using a 9.7" iPad Pro (wifi only). I have two separate cables I've connected my iPad to the controller with, neither has resolved the issue. I have also updated the P4P to the most recent firmware. To begin with, when using the DJI Go4 app (version 4.2.16)...
  4. Marcin

    Greetings from southern Poland

    Hi All the Pilots! I am a certified UAV operator, proudly calling myself the pilot. I run an UAV aerial imaging business located in Katowice, Poland since 2014 providing imaging in RGB, NIR and thermal IR to various industries from civil engineering, mining, insurance to environmental...
  5. RemoteAerialLLC

    1yr old and ready for warm weather again!

    Hello. I am the owner of Remote Aerial based in Louisville, KY. Originally I got into the business as a first responder (firefighter) but our area has not been super receptive yet due to an incident with our city department. I’ve since moved on to provide site surveillance and slow mo video for...