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    ESC always beeping while trying to calibrate (approx. 4 beeps/second)

    Good day all, I am unable to calibrate my ESCs through trasmitter as stated in the ESC's datasheet. When I turn on the transmitter lowering the throttle and plug the battery, a beep beep beep sound is emitted constantly without any stop, it only stops when I unplug the battery (It continues when...
  2. V

    Hello from the US Virgin Islands

    Good day all, I'm checking in as a Part 107 certified company from the USVI that goes by the name of VI Aerial Solutions (www.viaerialsolutions.com). We've been in existence from 2017, specializing primarily in real estate photography and aerial video, but we hope to expand into the...
  3. P


    Hi Drone Pilot community, Reaching out for any information on Ardupilot autopilot system? What is it exactly, benefits of it, important things to know? Any information would be of help. Thank you -Photopro