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    Hi All, I am wondering if any of the Australians in this forum have used either Drone Training & Development | Australia Wide | Autonomous Technology Or Drone Pilot Training - industry leading training by Global Drone Solutions To complete their RePL? Does anyone have any comments on their...
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    Portfolio from SE Australia

    Most of my work is documentary or low budget drama and music. My current drones are a Mavic Pro and an Inspire 2. I use the I2 a fair amount now. This show reel is all taken within a couple of hours of my home near Bega, NSW Australia.
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    Hello from the Gold Coast of Australia

    Hello, I am a Drone Pilot based in the Gold Coast of Australia. I fly for emergency services, engineers and film crews around the world. I also hold a Part 107 license for the U.S. & Canada. Using the latest in technology, 3D image mapping, thermal imaging and high-quality cameras. Whether it is...