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  1. GsquaredAerials

    Question about charging modes for the Matrice 30T

    The DJI BS30 Charging Station has three charge modes. Standard Mode This mode charges one pair of batteries at a time to 100% one after the other. Take note, however, that batteries degrade over time. Keeping the batteries at full charge for lengthy periods will likely hasten that degradation...
  2. J

    Phantom 4 battery failures

    My team had a battery failure mid-flight a couple months ago, exactly like this one: crash The thing dropped from 150 ft up, breaking off the camera and ruining the frame. The battery had maybe 70 flights on it, and we take good care of equipment. We had DJI fix the drone for far less cost than...
  3. J

    M200 TB55 Batteries - lighty used

    Have 6 (3 pairs) of lightly used TB55 Batteries - 6-7 charges max. In the UK. £290 each. Shipping £10 per pair. Thanks
  4. C

    News Article: New Lithium-Metal Hermes Battery Takes Flight In Drones

    LINK: Hermes Battery Takes Flight In Drones | UAV Expert News From Article: "A Massachusetts-based startup, SolidEnergy Systems, has pulled off what seems to be the impossible, selling lithium-metal batteries commercially. The company has reportedly developed a battery that “is half the...
  5. KevinM

    DJI P4Pro Battery Charger Recommendation

    I wanted to share a charger I found on Amazon recently that charges 3 DJI P4Pro batteries simultaneously as well as the remote. It's well constructed with a rugged metal case. The cooling fan does make a bit of noise, but nothing obnoxious. A much less expensive option than OEM chargers and...