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  1. J

    M200 TB55 Batteries - lighty used

    Have 6 (3 pairs) of lightly used TB55 Batteries - 6-7 charges max. In the UK. £290 each. Shipping £10 per pair. Thanks
  2. C

    News Article: New Lithium-Metal Hermes Battery Takes Flight In Drones

    LINK: Hermes Battery Takes Flight In Drones | UAV Expert News From Article: "A Massachusetts-based startup, SolidEnergy Systems, has pulled off what seems to be the impossible, selling lithium-metal batteries commercially. The company has reportedly developed a battery that “is half the...
  3. KevinM

    DJI P4Pro Battery Charger Recommendation

    I wanted to share a charger I found on Amazon recently that charges 3 DJI P4Pro batteries simultaneously as well as the remote. It's well constructed with a rugged metal case. The cooling fan does make a bit of noise, but nothing obnoxious. A much less expensive option than OEM chargers and...