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  1. Local UAS

    LAANC Countdown vs 107.41 Waiver

    Looking for a bit of advice here... I've been passing up jobs located in controlled airspace (I live around Chicago, sigh...). We do not yet have LAANC active in this area as we are part of "Wave 6" due to roll out in mid-September. With the FAA's glacial pace of approving waivers, I think...
  2. E

    Emergency Management - Public COA Pilot

    Hello, While I am not your traditional commercial pilot working to earn a profit, I do consider myself to be a professional pilot. I am an Emergency Manager and fly two aircraft at this time an I1Prov2 and an MP. We are currently flying public safety missions, fire scene evidence collection...
  3. S

    Greetings from Mid-America.

    I am happy to share my knowledge of all things drone and FAA 107. I currently sell DJI products to first responders. And in my free time, I shoot real estate and special events.
  4. Tom Gilmore

    Stuart, Florida Mavic Pro 107 Pilot Checking In

    Just joined up to see if there are any other drone pilots near me in Florida. I am a FAA Licensed Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor that obtained my 107 Commercial Drone License last year. Since then I have been flying whenever I can and hooked on the quality of the still and video footage...