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dji x7

  1. SkyMotionDrones

    Z30, X4s, X5s up for trade for X7 with Lenses.

    I have a brand new Z30, X4s and X5s to trade, and am in need of a X7 with 24mm lens at a minimum. Anyone have an extra they would like to trade for a any of these or combo of these cameras? I have used each one in testing for a few minutes each and purchased with my M210rtkv2 just a couple...
  2. G

    Zenmuse X7 for Mapping/Modeling

    I'm looking at using the X7 for some modeling projects and see that it's capable of a mechanical shutter within a shutter speed range 1/1000-8s. I've asked DJI if there is a way to ensure the camera has shot in the mechanical shutter mode if shooting within the shutter speed specs, but the only...