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  1. B

    Drones with measuring capabilities

    Hi, I’m reaching out to anyone who may know what, if any drone has the capability to measure objects… whether that is possible during flight or even possible after flight if I load the images or videos into some software programs. I currently have a DJI mini 2 that I have used for fun but now...
  2. H

    Commercial Drone Pilot Life (meme)

  3. Aerial Edge

    DJI M300 review I did and a Notice to all M300 pilots and Owners (Check Your Props!)

    Also we got some reports of M300 falling out of the sky due to prop failures from improper storage. Upon this we did an inspection of our M300 that has been properly stored and did a detailed prop inspection. We had just completed doing a shot sheet on 110 Transmission Power line structures last...
  4. R

    DJI Smart Controller(SOLD)

    For Sale: DJI Smart Controller. Had about 2 hours or less usage. Retired and selling most of my equipment. Will ship on your dime. I can get you other pictures or video upon request. $550.00
  5. V

    Hello from the US Virgin Islands

    Good day all, I'm checking in as a Part 107 certified company from the USVI that goes by the name of VI Aerial Solutions (www.viaerialsolutions.com). We've been in existence from 2017, specializing primarily in real estate photography and aerial video, but we hope to expand into the...
  6. J

    SOLD - Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual - $2900.00

    Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual with 5 DJI self heating batteries and DJI hard case for the Enterprise package. It does have the strobe, floodlight and speaker that have only been used to test them. This drone has been flown less than an hour. The batteries have 5, 3, 2, 2, 2 charges respectively...
  7. I

    DJI Zenmuse XT 640x520 30hz Radiometric Sensor for sale

    Have a like new DJI Zenmuse XT 640x520 30hz Radiometric Sensor for sale. Nothing wring with it, I'm changing careers and selling everything. I also have for sale: - Ebee Plus with lots of extras - DJI Inspire 1 with lots of extras - DJI M600 Pro with two sets of batteries - DJI X5 Gimbal -...
  8. R

    Anyone use a Parrot Bluegrass Fields? Looking for a good starter drone

    I'm working my first professional job as a UAV pilot for a conservation agency, I've used a lot of multispectral imagery in school and with my current job. I've used several DJI drones with MAPIR and Micasense sensors. I'm contemplating getting into some agriculture analysis as a side gig (or...
  9. Outta Control

    Thinning the heard. FS: DJI XT 640/30/13 Radiometric V1

    As the title says I am thinning my IR tools. So what we have here is a unused XT that was a replacement for my original XT from DJI. It has never been mounted. Price:$ 6500 obo + shipping.
  10. J

    Like New - DJI Matrice 200 V1 for Sale

    DJI Matrice 200 V1 Drone with Zenmuse XT2R, Z30, and X4S Cameras. (6 hours flight time) Ready to fly out of box! Immersive 4D Media is dissolving it’s drone division and we are liquidating our entire DJI inventory for one special price. Our loss is your gain. All of the equipment we are selling...
  11. D

    DJI M300 RTK Flight Planning Software

    We're operating the M300 RTK but struggling to find compatible flight planning software that we can use to better affect mission flights (the Pilot app simply isn't up to the job). Need to pre-plan missions off-site (as far as possible) for asset inspections to generate data that's then suitable...
  12. Z

    DJI Smart Controller use with Phantom 4 Pro V2

    So Ive posted this question on numerous forums and websites with zero answer so far. DJI customer support chat didn't even have an answer for me. One last try before I return this thing and get a CrystalSky monitor. I purchased a Smart Controller to go with my 4P V2, mainly for increased...
  13. Nomesurveyor

    DJI Customer Service

    Hi Everybody, I know it's probably not fashionable to NOT be berating the folks at DJI, but I had a very unexpected but hugely appreciated encounter with the Tech Support folks there. I was attempting to fly my P4RTK literally across the street from our local municipal airport (ERV). After...
  14. UpperAerialVision

    Is the Mavic Air useable as a commercial Drone?

    It’s not my go to drone for commercial use, but it does get used as a scout and a quick flight when we need a low risk drone. Here’s my opinion and review after bringing it on site to power plants and more. It’s our Auxiliary drone to the Inspire 2 and Matrice 210rtk.
  15. HammerMissions

    New Missions and Planning for DJI drones!

    Hi all, We're a team of designers and engineers, working on improving flight planning and control for DJI drones by making it more precise, diverse and accessible. As a starting point, we have designed Hammer - an app for commercial drone pilots that automates a large number of drone flights...
  16. Apollo11capcom

    SOLD! final price. Autel Evo Package Deal

    SOLD! Reduced, final price... For sale: Autel Evo with lots of extras! This drone is an absolutely fantastic, reliable piece of engineering that I'd like to hang on to, but I have to finance the purchase of another camera for another drone. If you buy one new, you'll likely have to buy most...
  17. O

    FOR SALE: DJI Matrice 600 Pro for £2600 (never flown, batteries not included)

    Hi pilots ? We're looking to sell our Matrice 600 Pro. We purchased this when in Malaysia, and couriered the drone straight back to the UK. We didn't manage to get the batteries back, however, as shipping restrictions out of Malaysia for lithium ion batteries are very strict. We will ship...
  18. Outta Control

    Helpful tips...

    Hey everyone, OC here @ the Busy Lil' Workshop, if you plan on servicing or modifying your controller... ...and worried about damaging your control sticks when you flip the controller over,.... ...you can take either a roll of duct tape or painter's tape like this,... ...and place the...
  19. HoodiVision

    Pro Immersive Hoods for DJI Drones

    Experience Total Visual Immersion In Comfort Exclusive HoodiVision Pro Drone Hoods 10% Discount Coupon Code: PRO PILOT We are pleased to present the HoodiVision / HiAerial Pro Immersive Hood with our exclusive Comfort Collar. Unlike tight clumsy goggles, just look up to see your surroundings...