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drone training

  1. T

    What training do UK police officers require to operate drones?

    Looking to train up more officers? Look no further 👀 COPTRZ offer bulk training deals for Police forces 🚔, fire services 🚒 and SAR organisations 🔍 GVC Offers start at £399 per person for 5+ staff members OR £299 per person for 10+ staff members 💰 Click below to get started! Public Safety...
  2. ActionDroneDude

    Hello from sunny San Diego and from Action Drone Inc

    Hello, Just wanted to introduce myself and our company. We are based in San Diego located specifically in Chula Vista. Our company is 6 years old and we work mostly with government entities and utility companies. So far we fly all kinds of drones from our custom made systems to small drones...
  3. W

    Hello from Cincinnati, Ohio

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for allowing me to join in. In 2005 I helped co-found - http://perfectperspectivesaerial.com/ Our company serves the motion picture/television, industrial inspection and other industries. In 2015 I retired from my career as an electric utility QA/Construction Manager and...