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  1. W

    Short Demo For Local Fire Rescue Training Facility

    Hey guys and gals, Check out this short demo I threw together for one of the local fire rescue training facilities.
  2. davidzimagery

    Volunteer Eye In The Sky

    Over 20 years ago, I was a volunteer firefighter in a small nearby community for 18 years. For 9 of those years, I was the Operations Officer which included being the videographer/photographer. I moved into a neighboring district, which is incidentally, my home town. I never got back into the...
  3. shooter

    Drone crash causes wildfire in Flagstaff, AZ

    No bueno... https://dronedj.com/2018/03/07/drone-crash-sparks-wildfire-northwest-of-flagstaff-az/
  4. Clinton Carman

    Drones in Fire Investigation - Introduction

    Hello Everyone, My name is Clinton Carman and I'm a Fire Investigator in Northern California. My father and I own a fire investigation business and are both professional drone pilots. In our line of work we have to enter buildings that have been involved with fire, may have undergone partial or...
  5. G

    Hello from the Gold Coast of Australia

    Hello, I am a Drone Pilot based in the Gold Coast of Australia. I fly for emergency services, engineers and film crews around the world. I also hold a Part 107 license for the U.S. & Canada. Using the latest in technology, 3D image mapping, thermal imaging and high-quality cameras. Whether it is...
  6. AirCanada

    One Man Operation, Northern BC

    PIC and crew all in one. It's nice that we get along. But there are days it feels like playing frisbee with myself. Professional pilot for a few years, I have a niche in the construction field doing areal shots for different projects. Looking to get into forestry for aerial survalience with...