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    (SOLD). FIREFLY 6 PRO w/Slantrange 3p sensor For Sale. (SOLD)

    Birdseyeview FIREFLY6 PRO (VTOL) w/SLANTRANGE 3p Sensor for Sale: $5,000 This platform has never flown. Comes with a SLANTRANGE 3p sensor that has approximately 20 missions on it. Package also includes 10 LIHV Batteries, Dynamite Charger, 5 extra props, a repair kit that has not been...
  2. J

    Inspire 2 with PPK System - Ultimate Mapping System, No more spending all day setting GCP's

    I have an Inspire 2, 8 batteries, OEM charger, 4 bank rapid charger, X4S camera, GPC GoProfessional hard case and BaamTech PPK system. All items are in like new condition with very little flight time. This system can be used with VRS or a survey grade receiver that are recording during flight to...
  3. L


    Birdseyeview Robotics FireFly 6 PRO (VTOL) for sale. Less than two years old, less than 5 flight hours. In perfect flying condition. I acquired it in anticipation of large local Geomapping jobs that did not materialize. Never crashed. Includes the Sony A6000 camera. Everything that came in the...