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  1. MightyFlier

    Obstacle avoidance

    Was wondering if anyone has any experiences with Autels warranty coverage?? I am a part 107 pilot. I had a mission experience where my Evo 2 pro ran into an object during the flight. Obstacle Avoidance was on, was flying at 5 MPH. Slow enough i would think to give the system plenty of time...
  2. E

    Firmware updates

    So some hate them, some love them, but do we, as commercial pilots have to have them? Do we need to show we are com0leteky up to date with updates for us to be properly maintaining out aircraft, or should we just stick with one that works for us?
  3. Tennessee Drone Services

    P4P Update: Orange RAW files on shots pointing straight down

    I updated Thursday and flew a job with a P4P+ I didn't notice the issue then. It was 67F here and I did shoot straight down a couple of times. However, I took it out today and had this issue happen as well as the video feed do a 180 on the display. Today it is~20F. I thought it was maybe the...