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laanc authorization

  1. SkyGrid

    SkyGrid Launches All-in-One Drone App for iOS Globally

    Hey Pilots! The SkyGrid Flight Control App has officially launched globally in the Apple App Store, and we are so excited for you to plan your next mission with us! Download the SkyGrid Flight Control App Today! 📲 Download Here's what you can expect when you download our FREE app...
  2. SkyGrid

    Looking for feedback: All-in-one drone app

    Hey Pilots! We are looking for direct feedback from drone pilots and commercial operators. SkyGrid Flight Control is launching on the iPhone, and our new, updated app is now available on all iPhone and iPad devices. Our all-in-one airspace management system provides a complete solution to...
  3. G

    LAANC Authorization - Airport Notification Required?

    I received my first LAANC authorization to fly within 5 miles of the Hillsboro, OR (Class D) airport. Do I also need to notify the airport of my flight plan or does the LAANC authorization satisfy the need to notify the airport? Thanks!