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  1. V

    Micasense Red Edge MX

    Like new, we purchased new and used for probably less than 300 ac. total. Comes with reflectance panel and high capacity card. Worked great for us. $4000
  2. R

    Drone Mappers in CO/WY: Survey Laws and Drone Mapping

    Hello everyone, Are there any mapping professionals here that work in Colorado or Wyoming and are familiar with what can be done in regards to mapping without a PLS and staying out of trouble with the state survey boards? I'm planning on consulting a lawyer before pursuing this part of the...
  3. Volatus Drones

    LiAir V LiDAR Mapping System

    Empire Drone is now a distributor for Green Valley International (GVI), the maker of the LiAir V LiDAR Mapping system. You might be thinking, so what? Well the LiAIR V is a full feature LiDAR system that's compatible with the DJI M200 Series, M300 RTK, and M600 for around $35,000. This makes the...
  4. Ilan Yusim

    New Guide: Drone Mapping with the new Measure Ground Control and Pix4D

    Hi all, Happy to share a new post on our blog about drone mapping. This time we took Measure Ground Control (powered by Pix4D) for a ride and created a 5-steps guide for drone mapping. The guide includes planning & safety tips as well as best practices for processing and editing. ? Read and...
  5. G

    Zenmuse X7 for Mapping/Modeling

    I'm looking at using the X7 for some modeling projects and see that it's capable of a mechanical shutter within a shutter speed range 1/1000-8s. I've asked DJI if there is a way to ensure the camera has shot in the mechanical shutter mode if shooting within the shutter speed specs, but the only...
  6. D

    (SOLD). FIREFLY 6 PRO w/Slantrange 3p sensor For Sale. (SOLD)

    Birdseyeview FIREFLY6 PRO (VTOL) w/SLANTRANGE 3p Sensor for Sale: $5,000 This platform has never flown. Comes with a SLANTRANGE 3p sensor that has approximately 20 missions on it. Package also includes 10 LIHV Batteries, Dynamite Charger, 5 extra props, a repair kit that has not been...
  7. Clinton Carman

    Combining Drone Point Clouds with Terrestrial Point Clouds

    Currently I'm looking to expand into a setup where I can create and combine both terrestrial and aerial point clouds together into a single model; that way I can scan an entire property, both inside and outside of the house/structure. I already use a Matterport camera and am arranging to get the...
  8. J

    Slantrange 3p multispectral camera

    Almost new condition, with M200 mounting kit. £2900, in the UK. pm for pics and more details. Thanks
  9. Morris Enyeart

    Mapping software for low AGL flights

    I am conducting drone beach litter surveys and need to fly my P4P at ~9 feet AGL set to take interval photos 2/second. I cant use DroneDeploy or Litchi because of the low AGL requirement so I fly the P4P manually in GPS mode. However when the wind is bl;owing it makes it hard to fly at a...
  10. A

    Have you ever tested Maply Platform for processing?

    Hey Guys, The Maply platform is cloud software that processes drone-captured images in highly accurate 2D and 3D views, including orthophotos, digital elevation models, point clouds, and three-dimensional models. For now the platform is only available in portuguese, but in a few weeks it will...
  11. R

    Hello from Advantage Geomatics

    Hi there, we are Land Survey business based in Shropshire uk, looking to develop a UAV based mapping service to add to our existing traditional surveying products. We are also developing a UAV based agriculture monitoring service which we hope to launch later this year.
  12. R

    Fixed Wing or Multi Rotor for Surveying?

    Hello folks, Since I am new here, I'd like to start by sharing my experience and learn from you as well. I have been using Fixed-wing (Trimble X100- yeah the old UX5 version) before and now using Inspire 2 for surveying and mapping. As per my previous company's work flow, we can complete...
  13. F

    Traverse City Michigan @flyindrones (Twitter) Introduction

    Hello Everyone, We have been providing maps and aerial photography for a little over a year. I am partnering with Contour Geographic, contourgeoraphic.com providing high resolution interactive solutions for real estate. We have unique solutions, which can be offered to agents even without the...
  14. D

    Has anyone formed a partnership with a Surveyor?

    So many states have such strict laws on surveying and what it means. I'm not out to conduct ANY surveying, but have clients that want stockpiles, basic contours for rough estimates, etc. Thinking of partnering with a registered PLS company that isn't interested in drones. Has anyone done this? I...