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matrice 30t

  1. GsquaredAerials

    SOLD: M30T Thermal Drone | 8 Batteries | 2 Hard Cases | Extras |

    Hi All. I'm selling my M30T package that I purchased brand new in July 2023 from Florida Drone Supply. My goal was to use it as a future way to earn an income in the event I lost my job. However since last November, the work load at my job has kept me so busy that I haven't spent any time...
  2. GsquaredAerials

    Listing removed

    Removed listing.
  3. GsquaredAerials

    Question about charging modes for the Matrice 30T

    The DJI BS30 Charging Station has three charge modes. Standard Mode This mode charges one pair of batteries at a time to 100% one after the other. Take note, however, that batteries degrade over time. Keeping the batteries at full charge for lengthy periods will likely hasten that degradation...
  4. GtoJon

    * SOLD * Matrice 30T with extras for sale

    It is perfect & does everything it was intended for, but just won't work as a backup for my photography. I thought it would work as a SAR for my community & good backup. It has about 15 flights on it & works perfectly in every way. Comes with M30T, RC Plus Pro, 6 batteries, top mount, DJI Pro...