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  1. amsjohn21


    Hello Everyone,ru o I am John Reynolds, and I own a DSP that also does events. When working on certain event, regardless if it's a Real Estate Shoot to a Wedding, I have produced full video with the footage. We are targeting mapping projects, especially roofing. I hope to target roofing...
  2. A

    From Flagstaff: help me select a drone

    Hello All, I am a GIS student at Northern Arizona University and am looking to generate some income for school. I have the capital to buy a setup between $500 and $1500. My main interest given my field of study is photogrammetry. Is there a drone in that price point that is suitable for those...
  3. Delta Blue

    New at CDP Forum

    Hi. I am an independent drone pilot, mainly flying for creative purposes, but keeping my eye open for income opportunities in the future. I will be moving to western Colorado soon, where the terrain is much more interesting than the sea of trees as far as can be seen here in Missouri. I use the...
  4. Joseph Martinez

    Hello from guy that wants a free drone!

    Actually in all honesty yes I would love a free drone. Although I am glad I saw the ad for the giveaway as it gave me an incentive to sign up and start asking questions. So first off, hello my name is Joey, I'm very green when it comes to drones. My neighbor gave me a drone and said I can have...