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night flight

  1. Cityscape at Night

    Cityscape at Night

    Mobile from 750ft looking WSW.
  2. Maddog

    Calling all Phantom pilots

    As some of you know, I'm in the process of adapting my Brite Lite anti-collision lighting system for use on other drones including the Phantom series. The below ad is for the 3DR Solo, which is what i originally designed it for. I don't own a Phantom and don't know anything about them so...
  3. M

    Part 107 and Part 61 in Tucson, Arizona

    Joining the forum to see what problems others are having meeting the sometimes non-existent FAA regulations which, nevertheless, must be met. I have an Emmy Award for aerial video I shot hanging half outside a helicopter but, even though drones are MUCH safer, and cheaper, and often better...