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  1. R

    Cheap thermal system for monitoring fires?

    Hi all Just discovered this page, definitely going to swinging by more often. I work for a non-profit conservation agency and we are looking at potential thermal solutions to monitor prescribed burns (we typically do ~15-20 per year, and they only cover maybe 100 acres at most). I'm aware...
  2. Orange Bird

    Ground Station Pro

    This is not a solar question per se, it could be asked in a number of forums. I used the solar forum since I was inspecting a solar farm. Have been using Drone Deploy of a couple of years now and never had any problems but I had a client that demanded I use GS Pro. I flew three missions with...
  3. Mark Stewart

    Dji inspire or p4p yuneec typhoon h plus Which one?

    Hi I am waiting for the yuneec typhoon h plus to come out with the 20 mp camera on it (E90 I think) I like the idea of multi rotor plus, I have heard so many horror stories about the p4p cracks falling out the sky, and now Geo fencing issues. (not the inspire). I am torn as to which bird to buy...
  4. Airbender

    A Big Fort Collins Howdy Y'all!

    Got my start several years ago when my wife Jan Baby bought me an over priced department store drone for Christmas. One thing leads to the other and several drones later I bought THE P4, then a P4P, started NoCo Drones and when the phone started ringing I broke down and acquired my FAA Part...