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phantom 4 pro

  1. Z

    DJI Smart Controller use with Phantom 4 Pro V2

    So Ive posted this question on numerous forums and websites with zero answer so far. DJI customer support chat didn't even have an answer for me. One last try before I return this thing and get a CrystalSky monitor. I purchased a Smart Controller to go with my 4P V2, mainly for increased...
  2. Clinton Carman

    Troubleshooting - P4P v2 won't connect to ANY mapping apps - Help!

    I have a brand new Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 using a 9.7" iPad Pro (wifi only). I have two separate cables I've connected my iPad to the controller with, neither has resolved the issue. I have also updated the P4P to the most recent firmware. To begin with, when using the DJI Go4 app (version 4.2.16)...
  3. Scott Davey

    Fantastic Snow in Kent UK at the moment!

    This is our Friends wood behind our house took some great video will put that up soon. Love to see if anybody else has done any snow images recently? Scott Drone Photography (Aerial Photography) Based Ashford Kent, Work Global
  4. KevinM

    DJI P4Pro Battery Charger Recommendation

    I wanted to share a charger I found on Amazon recently that charges 3 DJI P4Pro batteries simultaneously as well as the remote. It's well constructed with a rugged metal case. The cooling fan does make a bit of noise, but nothing obnoxious. A much less expensive option than OEM chargers and...
  5. C


    Hello all, currently involved in an MSc so not had a huge amount of time to work since getting my PfCO but having this Obsidian would be awesome to kickstart the buissness! Cheers
  6. T

    Greetings from Dubai - UAE

    I am a Cinematographer | Photographer. If anyone would like to collaborate with me please get in touch. Thank you
  7. Premier Drone Productions

    Hi from Premier Drone Productions in Central Florida

    Hello fellow pilots. We are a few Naval Aviators who formed a Part 107 company in 2016 flying the greater Orlando FL Metro area and the Southeast. Our verticals range from aerial marketing and videography, live broadcasting to photogrammetry and construction. We fly the Inspire 2 with the X7...