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  1. Dave Pitman

    Metashape Professional - Group Buy

    Hey Guys, I don't know how many out there have trialed all the software for SFM processing and are looking for the best bang for you buck, like I have. Metashape Pro is one of the applications that does a good job with topographic models. And, is one of lesser, if not the least, expensive...
  2. Ilan Yusim

    1 pilot, 3 drones, 12 months = Valuable lessons! (article + video)

    Commercial drone pilot, Troy Willmon (GM6), concludes his recent 1-year construction survey project and recaps his challenges, solutions and most valuable lessons. Watch the video and read the full article here SkyWatch
  3. A

    From Flagstaff: help me select a drone

    Hello All, I am a GIS student at Northern Arizona University and am looking to generate some income for school. I have the capital to buy a setup between $500 and $1500. My main interest given my field of study is photogrammetry. Is there a drone in that price point that is suitable for those...
  4. P

    Phill Pittman _ Based in Dallas Tx.

    Performing and consulting/training in reverse engineering, laser scannng, photogrammetry and organic nurbs modeling have occupied the bulk of my work days for over two decades. I'll be sharing how drones and photogrammetry have influenced my workflow as well as enabling huge advances in data...
  5. AVBud

    Greetings from Ohio

    We are a commercial UAS Service Provider located in Akron and Columbus, Ohio USA.. Primarily we focus on commercial roof and building envelope inspections, FLIR Thermal Infra-Red Scans and construction site documentation using photogrammetry. Also doing high end commercial and retail property...
  6. Marcin

    Greetings from southern Poland

    Hi All the Pilots! I am a certified UAV operator, proudly calling myself the pilot. I run an UAV aerial imaging business located in Katowice, Poland since 2014 providing imaging in RGB, NIR and thermal IR to various industries from civil engineering, mining, insurance to environmental...