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  1. Continuous Lift

    Just Starting a Small Drone Business...Have a Lot to Learn

    I've been flying drones for 5 years. Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification 2017. Recertified 2021. I have a Spark, Mini 2, and just purchased a new Phantom Pro 4 V2.0. Will form a LLC and evaluate Insurance packages. My initial focus will be on Agriculture. Then after cutting my teeth, I will...
  2. T

    Greetings from Dubai - UAE

    I am a Cinematographer | Photographer. If anyone would like to collaborate with me please get in touch. Thank you
  3. shooter

    DJI Spark for Indoor Incident Resolution for SWAT

    Hi, We're in the process of folding use of the DJI Spark into indoor incident resolution policies and procedures for SWAT operations. Has any other agency done something similar? If so, I'd like to discuss either here or via direct email -- secured via the Entrust encryption service, if...
  4. J

    Using the DJI Spark for mapping

    Hi all! TL : DR - I am looking into using a "selfie" drone to do GIS mapping (not surveying). Follow along with my adventures if you so choose! ***EDIT*** Just want to add, this thread is not a discussion on if there are better options than a Spark (of course there are) so you can keep those...
  5. J

    GIS in Virginia

    Hello everyone! This is great timing as I just joined the drone world (by way of SparkPilots) but have been very much keeping up with the trends in UAV/UAS technology over the years as it very much is used in the GIS (Geographic Information System) industry. At work we are using a Phantom 4...