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  1. L

    Drone Mapping with Leica RTK GPS Base Station + Rover | Help

    I recently got into drone mapping and invested a great deal in all the equipment needed. The gear I'm using is the Phantom 4 Pro V2 with the Leica GS18T rover with a base station and have some landing pad GCPs. In short, everything went smoothly until I imported the GPS points I captured with...
  2. Empire Drone

    LiAir V LiDAR Mapping System

    Empire Drone is now a distributor for Green Valley International (GVI), the maker of the LiAir V LiDAR Mapping system. You might be thinking, so what? Well the LiAIR V is a full feature LiDAR system that's compatible with the DJI M200 Series, M300 RTK, and M600 for around $35,000. This makes the...
  3. REpro321

    GIS/Mapping/Surveying Capabilities?

    #1 Hello all, I just purchased a Yuneec H Plus a few months ago and I absolutely love taking the bird out for flights on the weekends. I am in the real estate field and so I have started a small side business doing aerial photography for real estate agents. However, I also have quite a bit of...
  4. A

    Have you ever tested Maply Platform for processing?

    Hey Guys, The Maply platform is cloud software that processes drone-captured images in highly accurate 2D and 3D views, including orthophotos, digital elevation models, point clouds, and three-dimensional models. For now the platform is only available in portuguese, but in a few weeks it will...
  5. G

    Hello from the Gold Coast of Australia

    Hello, I am a Drone Pilot based in the Gold Coast of Australia. I fly for emergency services, engineers and film crews around the world. I also hold a Part 107 license for the U.S. & Canada. Using the latest in technology, 3D image mapping, thermal imaging and high-quality cameras. Whether it is...
  6. R

    Hello from Advantage Geomatics

    Hi there, we are Land Survey business based in Shropshire uk, looking to develop a UAV based mapping service to add to our existing traditional surveying products. We are also developing a UAV based agriculture monitoring service which we hope to launch later this year.
  7. R

    Fixed Wing or Multi Rotor for Surveying?

    Hello folks, Since I am new here, I'd like to start by sharing my experience and learn from you as well. I have been using Fixed-wing (Trimble X100- yeah the old UX5 version) before and now using Inspire 2 for surveying and mapping. As per my previous company's work flow, we can complete...
  8. A

    Pix4D or Datumate Photogrammetry Software?

    Hi all, I've been using Pix4D for about a year and a half now and feel very comfortable with the workflow and have had a lot of success. That being said, I'm interested in what Datumate might have to offer. Curious what others on here are using and what they like about it. Here's a couple of...
  9. F

    Traverse City Michigan @flyindrones (Twitter) Introduction

    Hello Everyone, We have been providing maps and aerial photography for a little over a year. I am partnering with Contour Geographic, contourgeoraphic.com providing high resolution interactive solutions for real estate. We have unique solutions, which can be offered to agents even without the...