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  1. W

    Troubleshooting issues with Riegl VUX1 with the Applanix AP20 IMU. Matrice600

    All lidar data and imagery from connected camera is being collected. No problems with riaquire, or riaquire/embedded, or riprocess. But no EIF file is being created from Lidar unit itself, and it is not stored on backup. In Lamena terms, does anyone know how or why the EIF file is not being...
  2. Clinton Carman

    Troubleshooting - P4P v2 won't connect to ANY mapping apps - Help!

    I have a brand new Phantom 4 Pro v2.0 using a 9.7" iPad Pro (wifi only). I have two separate cables I've connected my iPad to the controller with, neither has resolved the issue. I have also updated the P4P to the most recent firmware. To begin with, when using the DJI Go4 app (version 4.2.16)...