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  1. J


    Heads up, the "drone work scam" is still happening. If you have a drone-related business and are contacted by someone who claims they have a well-paying job for you, be very alert. In my case the scammer found a live real estate listing 3 hours from my home base, then made contact through my...
  2. D

    Looking for FAA Part 107 Licensed Pilots in the New Orleans Area

    Hi, I'm starting a new aerial imagery business, and I'm looking to connect with some freelance pilots with part 107 licenses to do commercial work in the New Orleans / South Louisiana area. The work would be contract pay, per job, and very flexible. It will should start in the next few months...
  3. A

    Looking for a job

    My name is Alexander Gulow. I am a recent graduate of a flight school that specializes in Unmanned vehicles. I got an associates in applied science with specialization in U.A.S. I have used and am familiar with military & commercial technology. I am very passionate about this field, having...
  4. Joseph Martinez

    Weight capacity and lifting loads

    I am so very new to all of this. Is there some sort of formula to figure out how powerful motors need to be and what batteries are required to lift a certain weight? I'm thinking like a few handfuls of nails, so nobody has to run back and forth to the truck or up and down multi level...
  5. Joseph Martinez

    Hello from guy that wants a free drone!

    Actually in all honesty yes I would love a free drone. Although I am glad I saw the ad for the giveaway as it gave me an incentive to sign up and start asking questions. So first off, hello my name is Joey, I'm very green when it comes to drones. My neighbor gave me a drone and said I can have...