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5 Hours Endurance Hybrid Drone

nicolai valenti

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Jul 17, 2019
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New hybrid drones are being designed here at the sandwichaero laboratories, smaller and cheaper than our actual 2000W hybrid drone.
next model is going to use 15" propellers and a 1000W generator, a configuration which will provide 5 hours of flight time with a light payload (up to 500g) and more than 2 hours with a medium payload (up to 2kg).
You can buy our 2000W hybrid drone from here: Hybrid (Gas-Electric) Drone, high endurance aircraft
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I would like to learn how you define “payload”. Normally that is the empty weight of the aircraft, bot including fuel. If an aircraft has the ability to fly totally on electrical storage sources “payload” might be defined differently if it can also be used as a combustion/electric hybrid system, with fuel for the combustion side deducting from effective payload. So for me the need to know maximum payload excluding the weight of the aircraft with full fuel is pretty important. Also important is average available flight time carrying the maximum fuel and payload under average flight and operating conditions.
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Personally I think going hybird is the way to go. Of course fuel load can deduct from useful payload, I would assume their gross payload will be the maximum weight where is will safely fly, no different that an fixed wing or helicopter. Just like on aircraft, want to carry more weight, reduce fuel load, but don't run out.

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