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AUTEL ENTERPRISE is Announcing its Made in USA EVO II Dual Bundles.

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Jan 17, 2020
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Fulton, NY
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A rapid-deployment, packable unmanned aircraft made in USA with foreign and US components and labor.

Bothell, WA., SEPTEMBER 3, 2020 (Newswire.com) – Unmanned Aircraft manufacturer Autel Robotics is releasing its Autel EVO II Dual Enterprise UAS bundle/package, created for public sector and enterprise use. Under the Autel Enterprise label, Autel Robotics offers end-users the opportunity to use aircraft manufactured in the USA with foreign and domestic parts and labor. CEO Gary
DeLuca shared the news with Autel Reseller/Dealers earlier this week.

“We notified our dealers that the change in manufacturing is effective immediately, and this new series of bundles does not impact our ability to ship existing stock. We have been making running changes to the product line in order to accommodate our customer needs since the day we initially released the product,” said DeLuca.

The Autel EVO II Dual is specifically designed to aid public safety personnel in identifying persons and objects in the dark, through smoke/fog, and offers public safety personnel the highest resolution IR camera available, coupled with a second, separately functioning 8K resolution RGB camera. The 8K camera provides police and fire personnel deep detail, zoom capability, 40 minute flight time, and ability to stream video to any command location or MDT (mobile data terminal) when coupled with the Autel LiveDeck.

With an airframe from China, IR/thermal cameras from FLIR in the USA, and Sony imagers from Japan, the final product is assembled in Bothell, WA with American labor.
“We also source the majority of our bundle components from US manufacturers such as FoxFury, GPC, TacSwan, and others” said DeLuca. “Our software and other components are predominantly also from domestic and NATO suppliers. We’re deeply focused on shifting the product program to a Made in USA direction. We brought in outside consultants to assist us in identifying resources and processes that bring us closer to our American roots.”

“We are also proud to share that our solution does not require LTE for operations. Whether intelligent flight, or manual flight, our systems function without connecting to a server inside or outside CONUS, added DeLuca.

Autel aircraft may be flown without connecting a mobile device, as the remote control offers a 3.3” display for FPV. When connected to a mobile device for preview and autonomous flight modes, the mobile device may be put into airplane/no-data mode once local maps have been downloaded for mission planning.

“Autel prides itself on ensuring that user data remains private,” said John Kuch, public sector sales manager and former Fairfax County investigator, “Users are not required to sign up for an account, and are not required to input any data that they do not want shared. Data security combined with our domestic manufacturing efforts provide a safe, secure, and efficient environment for any public safety agency with our Autel EVO IITM Dual platform.”

Will all of my data be safe with the EVO II Dual?
Data is safe with Autel products. Our products do not rely on LTE, do not connect to servers, and may be operated either without mobile devices, connectivity, or in Airplane modes once local maps are downloaded. Autel has no servers outside of Houston, TX, where users are able to determine if their logs will be stored or not, and at no time are photos, videos, EMEI, or other data transmitted to the Houston, TX servers. Autel does not have access to user data. In other words, user data remains within user control at all times.

For more information about Autel EVO II Dual, contact;
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 886-207-4499
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Mar 29, 2018
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That's nice for a very small percentage clients for a small percentage of drone service providers.

The real question for me is how good is the software? Doesn't matter where it's made if the software capabilities/options are too limited. For Professional Drone Service Providers, software integration is critical for complex jobs. Large jobs (100+ acres) with lots of elevation change require terrain following (or multiple launch points). Skyscraper inspections you want facade mission planning like in Ugcs. I can go on.

DJI is not necessarily the end all, but having a long-standing history, large selection of compatible software, and large user community are all very valuable. Easy to get caught up in the hype of “the latest” specs.

If I could see some significant detailed reviews/discussions from Commercial Services Pros who have used this drone extensively, especially from the piloting software functionality/reliability, only then would I even begin to ponder a purchase decision.

But I do agree this looks to be a good option if you have a job that you can't use DJI due to regulations. If I were Autel I would be paying DroneDeploy, Pix4D, or UgCS to make their software compatible as I think it would be too hard to try to keep up with those guys yourselves.

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