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Beyond the basic 107

Tim Jones

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Jan 5, 2018
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Frisco Texas
I wonder if the FAA will ever expand the 107 to support areas of expertise
For example the current 107 is fairly broad and requires the basic airmen disciplines, weather, air space.. etc
Is it viable that as the need for UAV operators grows there would need to be additional attributes in addition to a 107
For example just beyond a basic 107
  • Operating skills
    • Fixed Wing
    • Beyond Line of Site (instrument only operation)
    • Night Operations
    • Confined Spaces or Indoor
    • In climate Weather
  • Technical Skills
    • Search and Rescue
    • Hazardous conditions
    • Power Grid
It seems to me more businesses are going to need to hire operators
Someone will have to pay to qualify or train an average 107 holder to fit their specific trade.
It would be easier if there were some basic skill attributes that operators could consistently qualify for that would make them a more viable fit for specific commercial applications
There are already waivers for night, BVLOS (not sure how low-visibility is different from BVLOS) that you can obtain in addition to your 107 certificate. Indoors is not within the scope of the FAA. Nor are the various professions one can have with a drone.

There is, IMHO a need for a certificate that goes beyond the 107. Something that includes with it:

- advanced safety procedures.
- equipment safety capabilities and ratings (e.g. redundancy, parachutes, etc.).
- flight over people (also a current waiver but kind of ridiculous requirements at present).
- flight in congested areas (grey area).
- operations in areas of high air traffic or within set proximity of manned aircraft.
- sense and avoid.
- radio communications.
- heavy lift.
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I was just throwing stuff out there.
But yes you get the idea,
On the subject of Daylight waver, would that not cut down on the number of waivers being requested so they could focus on other more fluid authorizations
I think the FAA will have to expand 107, not sure if they'll make everyone adhere to new requirements or not. As the industry and technology evolves, regulations will need to keep up.

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