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Check out my website


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Jan 10, 2018
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Just launched my website. Would love if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts. Could anything be different or better? Let me know good or bad.

Thank you in advance.

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Jared - Congrats on the recent launch of your website. Nicely done. I could recommend creating a blog on the site to write about some of the work you do and your typical application areas where you typically are operating in. This can help a potential client better understand your experience and also potentially land clients searching for operators for a specific need. Blogging can be boring but it can pay off. Best of luck in your venture and safe flying!

I saw a few grammatical/typographic errors so you might want to scan your text with a fine tooth comb. In the About Us page, you refer to yourself in both singular and plural terms. If you want to sound like a company rather than an individual, go with plural.

Sign yourself up in the Drone Pilot Directory at UAVGroundSchool.com. There is no charge and it will provide an SEO-valuable backlink to your site.
I actually looked someone up recently and they came up with just the part 107.
I am a systems engineer by trade but also run a motorcycle trike conversion company. Most of my business in the trike biz comes from my website which is very extensive and huge. I have thousands of pictures and the site opens with a slideshow. I often get questions like "do you have any pictures of builds you have done?" So what people do is google then go directly to the contact page without viewing any of the relevant information. So I created a simple one page layout where there is one choice one entry point and if they need more I will send them more. I have seen many other sites related to Arial photography that also take the keep it simple idea.

Site comparison - www.endeavortrikes.com - www.etcflyers.com
Nice job, Jared. Take a look at the FAA Airman search site. It didn't work for your name or for mine. You came up as a student pilot as of 2001 and I came up as a private pilot as of 2010. My information, at least, is not correct. No mention of suas remote pilot certifications.
Hi Jared - very nice. Good luck with the endeavor. You gave me a good idea withe the "confirm pilot" link. Thanks. Maybe i can give you some ideas too. Here is the link to my site: Aerial Drone Service

The biggest problem i have is people getting a drone and doing it themselves. I've even had other companies fly in my area without getting airspace authorization (with 5 miles of class B airport). It's frustrating, but I still play by the rules.

a couple of observations for what it's worth.
  • It is hard to tell what area you serve other than you area code.
  • Might want to consider links to LinkedIn if your on it.
  • Get on Google/Google Maps. It is free. i get a lot of leads that way.
  • Get on Yelp. I get leads from there too.
  • Put links for both Google and Yelp.
  • See if a local small town paper would be interested in doing an article. Then you can add it to your site.

Thanks for sharing.
Your website looks good! The only suggestion that wasn't covered by others would be to give your logo a bit more padding on the bottom. It sits a bit too close to the content beneath it.

Expanding upon Roadking's suggestion of trying to get local newspapers to do an article, you may want to send out a press release to all of the newspapers in your area.

Include a high-quality photo of you operating your drone and you may get some bites. When I sent out a press release shortly after getting my Part 107, it was carried almost verbatim in at least 3 local papers. Unfortunately, I didn't book any clients as a result, but it didn't cost anything either.

Best of luck!
Thank you for the advice everyone. I will work on incorporating these ideas. I removed the confirmation link.

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