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? EPA 40 CFR Part 60 Subpart 0000


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Jan 13, 2018
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SW Louisiana
Outta Control,

It is nice to see someone with uSAS and Thermography combined experience sharing their knowledge and information with us on this website!

Can you please comment on the new directions taken by the present EPA administration in relation to the halt in enforcement of the fugitive gas emissions policy as specified in the EPA 40 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 60, Subpart 0000 law? Specifically, do you have information that the eventual enforcement of this law will take place?

Here is a press release mandating a stay to the enforcement and a reconsideration process to either amend or scrap this regulation.

EPA Stays Oil and Gas Standards | US EPA

As you know, FLIR had lobbyists incorporate their Optical Gas Inspection GFX 320 sensor/camera as a specified tool for the collection of data confirming the containment of gasses or identification of the presence of gas emissions. If the EPA does approve the enforcement of this law then there will be a boom in sales of this camera and associated heavy lift drones to perform aerial OGI inspections. Many of these federally mandated inspections will use these $40-50K or more cameras to gather images for inclusion in compliance databases that will document onsite location compliance.

FLIR GFx320 - Intrinsically Safe OGI Camera | FLIR Systems

Hi Michael,

I do not have specifics on the enforcement but I do know FLIR has been working with a sUAS builder to accommodate their $80K optical Gas sUAS camera.

If this is an industry you are looking towards, you have to understand that there are specific FLIR gas units will only a detect specific fumes. It is a matter of the filter used on the unit that makes the difference. Unfortunately the model number skips me for the moment.

Hope this answers some questions.
I would imagine the sUAS would need to be intrinsically safe as well, no? Anyone making an intrinsically safe sUAS?

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