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Has anyone worked with the Integration Pilot Program?

Tim Jones

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Jan 5, 2018
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Frisco Texas
They have a facebook group that appears unattended

UAS Integration Pilot Program Frequently Asked Questions

The FAA reminds followers of the UAS IPP Group that it is a voluntary digital gathering place where lead applicants (state, local, tribal entities) may connect with interested parties, or interested parties may connect with lead applicants and/or other interested parties to build partnerships in support of the UAS IPP program. There’s no requirement to be a member of the group and all interested parties are posted on the FAA Contracting Office webpage.

The UAS IPP program fol...lows the FAA’s procurement policy, which extends to this group. This means that the FAA will not provide guidance on discussion topics or facilitate dialogue or conversations among group participants. We encourage you to collaborate and exchange information directly with each other. However, the FAA will monitor the group to ensure language is appropriate. Content that mimics FAA messaging, seeks to collect information about the entire group, solicits paid work, or is not related to the Program will be removed.

More information about the Program is available on the FAA website, which includes contact information, FAQs, and links to the Federal Register Notice and Screening Information Request. These resources contain the most comprehensive information about the program.
That FB group has become an unorganized joke. Spend a few minutes browsing it and you'll see how I came to this conclusion. It had some potential but with no guidance or organization it's just devolved daily.
Yes that was my observation as well. Sadly if you throw something like that up on facebook with no oversight you get what they got.
They should have at least appointed a couple moderators that could have deleted the silly posts.
But hey it is a government operation.
Just was curious if anyone actually was selected and how it was going
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I signed up to be a part and was contacted by Utah's dept. Of transportation about joining up with them. I also was contacted by an airport on the east coast about joining up with them, but neither of those operate in Tennessee...
Sounds like a slow slog
they really should have put someone on point on their facebook page, it has turned into a mess
Kittyhawk is part of a number of applications around the country. Will be interesting to see how many and the diversity for the applications they select.

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