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Hello from Northern Maine


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Jan 16, 2018
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What a welcome relief this forum is. Due to the infancy of this industry, a website like this is an essential learning tool for all of us.
My plans include more of the industrial applications (environmental monitoring, infrastructure inspections (roads, bridges, cell towers) and agriculture. Hoping the sUAS applications will help many of Maine's organic farmers gain an edge on their competition.
Just sold my Inspire 2 (wrong set up for the cameras I will be using) and will be purchasing the Matrice 210 RTK if I can get a good deal.
I have developed some good safety material in the form of job safety analysis or JSA that industrial clients ask for as part of their H&S requirements that I would be happy to share.
Good luck everyone and be safe out here.
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Welcome to our newest forum .
Take a little time and look around all our subforums to find what suits you and besure to read our Guidelines and ask if you have any questions in a message to any of the staff .
Enjoy all the knowledge members have to offer .

Also be sure and visit this thread CDP Giveaway - Phantom 4 Pro... :)
Hello and welcome to the Commercial Drone Pilots forum. We are glad to have you on board. I'm confident you'll find lots of helpful and enlightening information throughout this forum.

If you haven't already done so, consider adding your LOCATION to your forum profile to help us know where you are when you post suggestions or ask for assistance. It helps a lot more than you might think especially because this is an international forum with members from all parts of the world. Here's a direct link to yours:


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the CommercialDronePilots forum.
I hope that you will be able to use the forum for the exchange of innovative ideas and as a resource for current developments in the commercial drone field.

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