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Know Your Drone


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Jan 5, 2018
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Central California
Know your drone, inside and out - AOPA

The link above comes from the AOPA web pages.

For those with the inclination and ability, or those that just want to know more about how their systems work and go together, someone has written another book covering how it's done. I have not read the book myself but people that have need of systems that can do more or make use of payload flexibility may find that making their own rigs has some benefits over buying one from a manufacturer. Although custom rigs for different applications are available from many places we always have to contend with the cost of labor and profit when buying one. If we can deal with a less polished finished appearance it's not terrible difficult to construct what we need. The greatest challenges are often parts sourcing and assembly methods. This book might simplify the assembly methods.
Thanks here too Pat- you can never know too much about flying machines that are constantly trying to fly into the ground.o_O
Probably a good book. Although I would suspect that anything of much detail is going to be outdated rather quickly the way things have been going. I remember buying a bicycle mechanics book about 15 years ago when those product cycles started accelerating. Many of specific components in the book were basically extinct in 5 years. For example, a bike would still have bottom bracket but not any of the styles in the book. Everyone that flies them should build a multi rotor at least once.
I tend to agree. Anything written referencing technology these days is obsolete before it gets published. Things move really fast, perhaps to assure the $$ keep filling corporate coffers. Too many little things are made out to be big things to excite buyer interest.

I completely agree about building a multirotor. It's one thing to fly one, it's an altogether different thing to have to understand what each component does, why and how it does it, that's learned when building one from parts. At that point comes the understanding necessary to take maximum advantage of a system.

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