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Mavic 2 Pro purchase imminent. Questions inside.

Johnny C!

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Jul 9, 2018
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Western North Carolina
Many of you will find that I just posted this
same post on the DJI forum, and please
don't be annoyed at me when you see it on
the Mavic forums, as well. I think the different
forums with have different client bases, age,
professions, etc, so I feel I can gain info from
various points of view which I find can be


When I bought my Spark a year or so ago, I was
very frustrated that it spent 2-4 hours per day
for 6 days to get the firmware loaded before
I could fly. I later bought a second Spark from
a friend who moved up to a M2Z, which I have
only flown a few times, and consider it a backup
replacement in case of a mishap with my primary.
Both have performed flawlessly since I have owned

I was excited to learn about the 1" sensor in the Pro,
but I knew I would wait at least a few months after
it's release to let some these issue settle out.

Questions as follows:

How is the initial FW update process going for the
current M2P's?

What FW version is least problematic?

Are the focus issues with still images still
occurring, and are they significant?

Is it safe to assume there is a FW update
required before I can use the Smart Controller?
And will/can it have FW update issues as mentioned
above about my Spark? Do they still get bricked

What functions, if any, would I give up if
I buy the Smart Controller?

Can I use my Samsung S8 with the standard
controller without the OTG? And are the charging
issues between the controller & the phone corrected
or can this function be turned off?

I tend to read the 1 star reviews first to try to
determine if/when I should buy a Pro. I have
realized that this may not be be the best idea.
So, the bottom line question is, am I safe in
buy a Pro now, and not run into many significant
issues, and not incur a lot of frustration in getting
it going.

I have been doing professional still photography
for over 30 years along side my profession of
mechanical engineering & design. I am a full
size pilot & fly my home built Just Aircraft
Highlander. I am Part 107 certified. I have been
using one of my Sparks for real estate & construction
site images and landscapes, so far. I am interested
in the M2P to begin my second round of photographing
waterfalls and scenics in my area,( and hopefully DSAR.)
And while I will play with video, my primary intended use
for the M2P will be stills. My intention is to buy my Pro with
the standard controller, and then later add the SC.

Any input will be appreciated.


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