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Meteor Metropolis Here


Jan 18, 2018
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Hi everyone,

My name is Andrea and I’m in the Detroit, Mi area... hence the name Meteor Metropolis! We had quite an event on 1/16/18 with the meteor that happened to wizz by us and cause an mild earthquake! I’ve joke on social media that I would be going out with my Mavic to look for meteorites! If only someone would pay me for that!

Anyhow, I have had my part 107 since the summer of 2017 and have done work in real estate, some product showcasing, general photography and landscape photography.

I attended college to be a commercial pilot years ago, but because of medical reasons, I ended up pursuing a different line of work. When I tested for my 107, it was kind of exciting that I finally put that knowledge that I had paid so much for, to use, finally! I have been flying DJI stuff for a couple of years and I’ve been flying FPV and building quads since early 2017.

I have 3 jobs to go shoot currently, that I’m hoping to knock out today. All 3 are real estate. Im hoping to get them done during our heatwave! A balmy 33 degrees is our forecast for today.

I have a website that I just haven’t worked on yet, so it’s connected to my airvuz account. Feel free to check it out: www.cozyartz.com
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Welcome to our newest forum .
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Enjoy all the knowledge members have to offer .

Also be sure and visit this thread CDP Giveaway - Phantom 4 Pro... :)
Hello and welcome to the Commercial Drone Pilots forum. We are glad to have you on board. I'm confident you'll find lots of helpful and enlightening information throughout this forum.

If you haven't already done so, consider adding your LOCATION to your forum profile to help us know where you are when you post suggestions or ask for assistance. It helps a lot more than you might think especially because this is an international forum with members from all parts of the world. Here's a direct link to yours:


It is a pleasure to welcome you to the CommercialDronePilots forum.
I hope that you will be able to use the forum for the exchange of innovative ideas and as a resource for current developments in the commercial drone field.

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