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Need someone interested in capturing wedding proposal

Sky Masters

May 3, 2020
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Orange County, CA
My drone is currently being repaired. If it isn't done in time, I would like to know if someone near San Clemente, CA would be interested in covering my niece's wedding proposal at 3pm on Sat. 10/17 as a backup plan.
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Gold Seal has been a great asset to our UAS Community since day one. We are lucky to have them as a resource and a very valuable one at that.
Off topic from the OP but feel a need to make a comment concerning a previous post in this thread. When I decided to get my Part 107 certification to fly a company drone I knew nothing about the laws, etc. After doing a lot of reviews of different online training courses I selected Gold Seal. Following their training advice and program I passed my test on the first try. Any questions I had were answered in a prompt manner. Without reservation or hesitation I recommend their program to anyone that asks about a good course to prepare for their Part 107.

As @BigAl07 stated Gold Seal is an extremely valuable asset to the drone community. Without this asset I know MY learning curve would have been a lot longer and more challenging so a BIG THANKS and a ? to Russ and Gold Seal
We had a friend video tape our wedding using a drone, it was great. everyone loved the theme and party. could not have been happier with the drone decision.

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