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Phantom 4 Pro RTK

Dave Pitman

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Dec 23, 2017
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Washington State
Not much info, but DJI is going to release an RTK equipped P4P. No release date and I've been told it will only be available in China. At least initially. I'm hoping the price in not crazy high. Have to wait and see.


DJI confirms Phantom 4 Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) drone
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FYI, unless they change something from their “RTK” m210, this is not true RTK. There is no correction network. No base station. Also the precise position is only used for positioning the aircraft. Not written to exif.
That is correct. And to be clear, in my case, I have no interest in RTK but a lot of interest in PPK. I'm not sure DJI understands all of this yet and the implementation on the m210 and m600 make you think that they don't yet. We'll have to wait and see.
Looks like the Phantom 4 RTK is available in China DJI大疆精灵PHANTOM4 RTK 厘米级定位高清航拍航精准测绘无人机

A couple of videos on YouTube also showing the camera calibration using DJI assistant.

Found the manual online also talks about using the DJI base station or approved network for corrections.

WM334R1801 Phantom 4 RTK User Manual Phantom 4 RTK-EN 20180205 SZ DJI TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD

I was looking at tying to integrate the EMLID reach into the phantom as others have done but might be worth waiting to see what DJI deliver.

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