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Recurrent 107 testing - online yet?


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May 7, 2020
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With one bit of good news in the new rules, we can now or will be able to do our 2 year recurrent testing online... but I have yet to find it on the FAA website?

Anyone have a link, or even know if it up and going at this point? Mine is coming up and I'm hoping to not only save the $$, but more over the hassle of going to a test center during covid.

If anyone finds a link, please post it up!

And a Happy New year to All :)


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Feb 15, 2019
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St. Louis MO.
Well from the email I received back regarding this question from the FAA. The way I take it is if you need your recurrent test within the next 60 days. You better schedule it and go take at your local PSI location. Then when they "FAA" get the training online you can take that for the night training so you may also operate during the night.

Remote Pilot knowledge test changes (coming soon)

The final rule updates the initial Remote Pilot knowledge test to include night subject areas. Additionally, the final rule replaces the requirement to complete an in-person recurrent test every 24 calendar months. The updated requirement is for remote pilots to complete online recurrent training which will include night subject areas. The online recurrent training will be offered free of charge to remote pilots.

We really did not have good insight into the night rule implementation timeline. We have a better grasp but it still has a few holes. Refer to the table below...

Operations over People Timeline

Final Rule posted on FAA.govDecember 28, 2020
Final Rule published in Federal RegisterTBD
Night Testing & TrainingAvailable 45 days after publication in Federal Register
(15 days prior to effective date)
Portal operational to accept Declaration of Compliance50 days after publication in the Federal Register (10 days prior effective date)
60-day Effective DateTBD + 60 days

Note...what gets the clock ticking is the posting to the Federal Register and that date is TBD. We expect it to occur within the next few days. Once that occurs, 45 days later you can take the night testing and training. 15 days after that the rule is implemented.

Bottom line is it will be 60 days (plus a few) until you can fly at night under the new rule.

After the effective date of this rule, remote pilots operating under a waiver received prior to the effective date will be allowed to continue to operate at night under the provisions of that waiver without meeting the updated recurrent training requirement for a period of 60 days. All night waivers issued prior to the effective date of this rule that authorize deviation from § 107.29 Daylight Operation terminate on [INSERT DATE 120 DAYS AFTER DATE OF PUBLICATION IN THE FEDERAL REGISTER]. This date provides time for waiver holders to come into compliance with this rule and allow the holder to request a new certificate of waiver, if applicable, prior to the termination date.
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Kristina Fowler

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Jan 20, 2018
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Im due to renew my 107 in April i think
Hypothetical question: if I pay for and take my Part 107 recurrent in March which clears me for the next 24 months and the online testing begins in April, am I entitled to a 23/24 refund?


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Jan 8, 2018
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Western North Carolina
Hypothetical question: if I pay for and take my Part 107 recurrent in March which clears me for the next 24 months and the online testing begins in April, am I entitled to a 23/24 refund?

Negative! That's just the luck of the draw. You have 2 options:

1) Once your "currency lapses" hold of flying Part 107 until April and take the online recurrency test
2) Take (and pass) the In-Person test in March and know you're good to go for another 24 months.

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