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Sold-CrystalSky Ultra Bright and Mounts


Nov 13, 2021
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I have way too many monitors including two of these Ultra Bright CrystalSky units. This one has been a back up. I have a couple very nice Mavic Mounts for it which are going to be included. You will get what is in the photo's. A lot of people have issues with the CS. It usually has to do with maps displaying. I never have trouble because the CS provides a method to download maps for offline use. It has always worked perfectly for me on all the CS devices I have had. This one is my fourth. I had the P4P Plus, a 7.85 standard 1000 nit and two of these Ultra Bright 2000 nits. I also own a Tripltek pro and use the CS instead of the Tripltek. That may be because I usually use DJI apps which have been solid for me. I find it much more beautiful and I like the size, I think it is closer to a 4:3. It is true that google services do not work, at least I have not been able to get it to work without errors. I do use Litchi on rare occasions. I plan a mission on the Hub and then it will load on the CS with the map.

-Monitor Model CS785U
- Battery
-Dual battery Charger
-MavMountCS with Lanyard attachment
Spare mount on 3D Printed Mount

I am looking for 345 USD shipped in Canada or the USA with a tracking number. I think it's a good price.

IMG_8122.JPG IMG_8125.JPG IMG_8126.JPG IMG_8130.JPG IMG_8132.JPG

IMG_8135.JPG IMG_8129.JPG IMG_8134.JPG IMG_8123.JPG
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Can you upload and use the DJI Fly app with this? What cord would attach it to the RCN1? Is the old processor speed up to the task of the Mavic 3?
I believe that Fly is a 64 Bit application and DJI has done nothing to support the app with CS even though they did on the other 32 bit controller. I use Litchi myself since it is superior in most every way than Fly. Litchi works perfectly on both of my CS uniits. And don't fall for the CS being slow talk. I ALWAYS have perfect clear operation when running anything which is way more hard core than anything Fly can throw at it. I am referring to control apps for commercial work with my Matrice drones, running the inspection jobs and operating two camera's at a time.
If you have to use the Fly exclusively, then the CS is not likely a good fit. Litchi looks beautiful on it.

As an option, I would also be willing to sell my Tripletek 7" Pro for about 20 more. I will throw in the MAVMount but you will have to deal with getting the Tripltek put on it. I know there is 3D print parts if you have any buddies with a printer. I always just put the Tripltek in an IOS mount. I would need to keep the white 3D print mount that I have pictured in my add. My interest is in just having One android back up. I don't care if it is the CS or Tripltek, they are both awesome.

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