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(SOLD)Low Flight Time Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual with Fly More kit and extras! $3000

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Aerial Edge

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Sep 14, 2020
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Smithfield, VA
Like the title says, I am not going to bore you with all the specs. Anyone that is looking for one has the specs or can find them. According to my logs that were synced with my DJI account there are 26 Flights. The reality is there are a lot less then that. I have pictures of the logs showing all flights and durations. The drone looks new. The case has some scuffs from bringing it on job sites. I will start with the Flymore kit, I also have the case that came with it. All the original documentation also. It has the GPC case insert that allows a ton more stuff in the case. I have the original insert but shipping it would be a bit much. I also have the GPC SD card holder. Great little drone! I have decided to sell off all my work drones and go to a much larger drone for industrial work that I am doing. The only issue on this drone is the little cover for the top accessory port, one of the little tabs broke so it does not stay put.

3 self heated batteries and 6 extra props. The AC and DC Factory charger and I also have an aftermarket 4 battery AC/DC charger that will charge up to 4 batteries at 1 time.

Would prefer face to face but I could ship it on your dime with insurance. We can work out payment information. Please see the attached Images and PM me with questions. I can provide my number so we can talk.
$3000 Located in Smithfield Virginia USD
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