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Transition focus

Tim Jones

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Jan 5, 2018
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Frisco Texas
For the folks who have made a transition from another career to fulltime work in the UAS arena what was the key.
I am still earning my primary living in the corporate world. But that career will be winding down soon.
Ideally a job with a drone supplier or builder who had a need for someone with service, inventory and operations background would be the best fit. But I am not holding my breath there.

If you had only two days a week to dedicate to your fledgling business. How do you spend that time?

What I have been doing, is developing work flows, resources. Trying to build a portfolio.
I have not tried any marketing yet, as I want to make sure my base business practices are in place.

When I can dedicate more time to it, I would think Marketing would be the next phase.

Interested in hearing your thoughts
Two Suggestions:
1. Look inward to prepare;
2. Challenge your thinking.

I'm still transitioning to this field, but am retired so I am not on a income-driven critical path. Having spent 26-years in the IT industry (at perhaps 5 different companies), I transitioned from that to 14-years of teaching programming and robotics at the high school level. Then, in September of 2017, I retired and have been able to devote my time to terrestrial photography and aerial cinematography.

During my transitions, I was never afraid of "change"; in fact, I kind of thrive on new challenges! However, with each transition came meticulous planning, self-imposed goals and deadlines and, it turns out, many misconceptions. Perhaps the one thing I should have done is more internal preparation. Yes, it's important to think about your market, your "niche" in that market and all the other stuff like business plans, branding, etc., but it's also important to look inward at yourself.

You know you will have many, many hours of work ahead of you in addition to the time you have already logged. How will this affect you in regard to your own well-being and that of the others around you? Are they on-board and know what to expect? Will they give you unquestioned support as you struggle? How will you separate your work and family lives? Are you in a financial position to support this challenge...and for how long? What are your motivations for undertaking this adventure? Is it an effort to turn an avocation into a vocation? Is there a deeper internal "driver"? I know these questions seem a bit "out there", but I wish I had considered them with each transition I undertook!

It is evident that you are well-organized and have business savvy; that's a huge plus! So it comes naturally for you to ably define all the traditional planning and anticipated execution (to some extent). But what about alternative approaches? How about notions that challenge your preconceptions? Is there another way to achieve the goals for which you have planned? Is the knowledge you have from your current situation accurately transferable to your new endeavor? Are there things that may be different?

I can suggest a book by Peter Thiel titled: "Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future". He takes an interesting view of starting a company and of the current market challenges. Perhaps his info may challenge your notions in a way that may provide you with a strategic, tactical and economic advantage in achieving your vision.

Sorry that these suggestions are more higher-level and core-related in nature; they are perhaps the less obvious things one might want to think about. I'll leave it to the incredibly talented folks in this forum to provide you with the other structural and operation
ideas to help you plan your transition.

My best to you, Tim!

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