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Nov 7, 2017
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We believe CDP will become a great place to discuss your commercial drone business no matter which technologies you utilize. We welcome anyone currently utilizing drones commercially from the small startup to the fortune 500 enterprise.

Please let us know if you have any feedback on the CDP site or suggestions on the structure of the forums. We'd love to hear how we can make this forum more useful for you and your business.

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Howdy Cassidy, and others. Just a quick comment. Curious why you see the need to have distinct topics by model of uav? While conversations and questions will come up regarding which tool someone is using in some field or another, I don't think that would require it to have it's own topic. Having the topics broken down by use-case should be sufficient IMHO.
Good point, Dave. We've gone back and forth on how much technology we add to this forum. We are trying to avoid technology discussions becoming all merged into the business discussion as I'm sure members will want to talk about some camera that is great for a specific industry but only works on the IP2 or something. We might disable the model forums and see how it goes for a while without them.
Pretty quiet around here so far. How do you get new forums off the ground?
Still finishing up a few things then we will start promoting it after the new year. C.
Great Idea. I'll add that and start promoting it today.
Hello, new to the forum and noticed that unlike the other forums (Phantom Pilots, Yuneec Pilots etc.) there is no section for photos and videos. Just thinking out loud here, but perhaps seeing examples of others' work with different systems would be beneficial. :)
Thanks, Pat. Good point. Let me noodle on that as I wonder if it'd be best to have a section like that for each industry.
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Hi, great to see a forum for commercial pilots!
Are you planning to develop an app for IOS/Android devices or do you stay on a browser oriented UI?
We are currently re-evaluating our mobile strategy. Apple has come down hard recently on using the same app with different content (essentially what forums are) so we've had a couple of our mobile apps rejected by Apple. Still trying to determine if there is a feasible workaround.
Wondering if a section for Advertising services or a Job vacancy, would be useful.

P.S. thanks for going to the bother of making this Forum. It should be really useful in the future!
I have only been here a very short while but it has been so wonderful to find conversations and help given in a very professional manner. Long may it continue.

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