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  1. Local UAS

    LAANC Countdown vs 107.41 Waiver

    Looking for a bit of advice here... I've been passing up jobs located in controlled airspace (I live around Chicago, sigh...). We do not yet have LAANC active in this area as we are part of "Wave 6" due to roll out in mid-September. With the FAA's glacial pace of approving waivers, I think...
  2. Local UAS

    Skirting Class E Airspace..

    Folks, I'm headed to FL for vacation and want to bring my drone to fly both for fun and some future b-roll to potentially use in my portfolio. I'm looking at the airspace around where I'll be vacationing and I'll be flying in a relatively narrow space between two Class E areas. See pic: Split...
  3. Z

    AirMap Discrepancies - Mobile vs Desktop

    Has anyone noticed variations in the airspace layouts in AirMap's mobile app vs the desktop? Example: I went on my desktop to scout a new location this morning, and it looked like i had miles of open space between two sections of airspace. I then went to double check on my phone, and the...
  4. Tennessee Drone Services

    Airspace Authorization Delays

    Are you all experiencing wait times over 90 days for your authorizations? I have one currently that is about 115 days in and when I submitted a follow up email to the correct address on day 91 to check status, there has been no response. This is for an area that has laanc designations, but...