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  1. R

    Cheap thermal system for monitoring fires?

    Hi all Just discovered this page, definitely going to swinging by more often. I work for a non-profit conservation agency and we are looking at potential thermal solutions to monitor prescribed burns (we typically do ~15-20 per year, and they only cover maybe 100 acres at most). I'm aware...
  2. S


    Cheers to everybody from Kazakhstan! I have been playing with the idea of starting thermal inspection business with UAV for quite a long time. After deep and exhausting searching through forums I came up with two solutions, which are the most sutable ones for given task. Of course you all know...
  3. A

    Need help with FLIR Quark 640 19mm core

    I have a FLIR Quark 640 19mm that was on a Lockheed Indago along with an Hitachi EO cam. The problem is the Indago loved Gravity. Now I have a FLIR core that is just sitting on the shelf. I need help turning this into a FPV cam. I have a Matrice 100 with an xt and an 3 series camera by DJI. I...
  4. Randall Warnas

    Drones for Solar Inspection Webinar (FLIR/Raptor Maps)

    Hey Everyone, A lot of you will be seeing this in your email as well. Next week I will be co-hosting a webinar with our friends at Raptor Maps discussing solar panel inspections with drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras. This is a live 30 minute presentation that will conclude with a...
  5. karaemurphy

    Win a FLIR Duo Pro R 640 Of Your Choice

    I promise I have no affiliation, I think this is a cool/extremely easy-to-enter contest hosted by FLIR. These things aren't cheap so might as well try. Good luck to all. Win a FLIR Duo Pro R 640 Of Your Choice
  6. O

    FLIR TAU 320 Thermal Imaging camera c/w 19mm lens and SD card writer

    FLIR Tau 320 Thermal Imaging Camera and 19mm lens. This item also comes with a SD Card Recorder although it could be wired directly to an AV input. It was bought to use with a Drone for surveys (Heat loss, Solar Cell inspection, Power Line and Radio Transmitter inspection for example), hence the...