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inspire 2

  1. J

    Most *SOLD* (last two pairs to landfill soon) Used TB-50 battery pairs for sale

    I have the following pairs of used TB-50 batteries in original packaging at $175/pair, first come first served. However we would need to meet somewhere in the Seattle-Everett area for an in-person handoff. I'm not interested in becoming an authorized shipper of these lithium-ion batteries. Each...
  2. G

    Zenmuse X7 for Mapping/Modeling

    I'm looking at using the X7 for some modeling projects and see that it's capable of a mechanical shutter within a shutter speed range 1/1000-8s. I've asked DJI if there is a way to ensure the camera has shot in the mechanical shutter mode if shooting within the shutter speed specs, but the only...
  3. BaldwinPDX

    Went to Iceland - got a staff pick

    I'm not a big show-off-your-work kind of guy, but I'm really proud of this project so I'm breaking my own rule. Long story short, my good friend (and go-to-DP) and I went to Iceland on a whirlwind last-minute trip and came back with some insane content. It took me forever to be satisfied with...
  4. A

    For Sale (UK only) - DJI Inspire 2 includes Zenmuse X4S and a host of accessories

    Hi, selling my 6 months old DJI Inspire 2 system with Zenmuse X4S camera and gimbal and which includes the following Remote Control (Transmitter) 2 x Propeller Pairs 4 x Intelligent Flight Battery Battery Charger Charging Hub Power Cable USB Cable microSD Card 16GB Vision...
  5. afranco417

    Waiver safety questions

    Im applying for a waiver to fly my Inspire2 over a downtown area. The city has asked "Has your UAS has been tested to determine what injury level may occur if the aircraft were to hit a human being?" I reached out to DJI who says they do not release that information to the public. Has anyone...
  6. B

    Greetings from Atlanta

    Hello, My name is Bodie Orman. I’m an 107 pilot in Atlanta Georgia. My background is film production and I own and operate an Inpsire 2 with X5s. I just got my ultra bright 7” monitors yesterday after waiting almost a year! I wish you all safe flights and a great day and thank you ahead of time...
  7. Premier Drone Productions

    Hi from Premier Drone Productions in Central Florida

    Hello fellow pilots. We are a few Naval Aviators who formed a Part 107 company in 2016 flying the greater Orlando FL Metro area and the Southeast. Our verticals range from aerial marketing and videography, live broadcasting to photogrammetry and construction. We fly the Inspire 2 with the X7...