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  1. SkyGrid

    SkyGrid Launches All-in-One Drone App for iOS Globally

    Hey Pilots! The SkyGrid Flight Control App has officially launched globally in the Apple App Store, and we are so excited for you to plan your next mission with us! Download the SkyGrid Flight Control App Today! 📲 Download Here's what you can expect when you download our FREE app...
  2. C

    AirMap LAANC "Major Outage" / app issue

    https://status.airmap.com I was trying to set up flights for next week and couldn't get ANY to go through. I sent a support message via the app and they got right back with me with the above link. They're working on it but don't have a timeline for when it will be fixed. What's more, my past...
  3. mdurbanek

    With LAANC active, are NOTAMS through1800wxbrief.com redundant?

    Does anyone have knowledge or opinions on this?
  4. mdurbanek

    Initial rollout of the LAANC program for Western South an FAA bust.

    Well, we've been waiting for the June 21 launch of the LAANC here in the Western South region. I guess if the FAA was going to stumble, it was predictable that it would fail in California. I have three architectural projects ready to shoot, all of which will require some low altitude sUAS...
  5. mdurbanek

    LAANC rollout Western North

    LAANC beta was supposed to go active May 24 in the Western North sector. Does anyone here have an experience to report?
  6. mdurbanek

    LAANC South Central rollout

    Does anyone know if the LAANC rollout scheduled for the South Central region is good to go for this coming Monday April 30?
  7. Sky Queen

    New airspace authorization directly from within the DroneDeploy- skip the 90-day wait

    Just thought to share this with you all commercial droners. This month, DroneDeploy partners, AirMap and Skyward are bringing this new feature, allowing you to take full advantage of LAANC — the FAA’s new Low-Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability initiative. It is in BETA phase...