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  1. GsquaredAerials

    Question about charging modes for the Matrice 30T

    The DJI BS30 Charging Station has three charge modes. Standard Mode This mode charges one pair of batteries at a time to 100% one after the other. Take note, however, that batteries degrade over time. Keeping the batteries at full charge for lengthy periods will likely hasten that degradation...
  2. Aerial Edge

    DJI M300 review I did and a Notice to all M300 pilots and Owners (Check Your Props!)

    Also we got some reports of M300 falling out of the sky due to prop failures from improper storage. Upon this we did an inspection of our M300 that has been properly stored and did a detailed prop inspection. We had just completed doing a shot sheet on 110 Transmission Power line structures last...
  3. SSS_Matrice200

    M200 CCW Propellers wobble on motor drive shaft

    I have 2018 Matrice 200 with about 100 hours on it. Recently during bootup noticed both of the CCW propellers make an audible noise and wobble/rock slightly when the drone completes its motor/ESC "twitch" checks. I replaced propellers with new ones and the issue remains unchanged. With the prop...
  4. P

    WTB Matrice 210 RTK

    Please PM if you have M210 RTK with base station, and Zenmuse X4S. If you don't have any sensors, that's ok too. Thanks! Peter
  5. C

    Matrice 210 RTK V2

    Hey All - We just received our new Matrice 210 RTK V2 last week. Made our first flight this morning with tons of problems. Unable to pair the UAV with the D-RTK2 Base Station - talked to DJI this morning and they asked me to make a video showing that I was connected to the aircraft, what...
  6. Vanguard Aerial

    * SOLD * : Matrice M210 Backup Aircraft, Perfect and Low Hours - $5999

    I'm selling a complete Matrice M210 package that has been a backup aircraft for me and has very little use, including brand new TB55 flight batteries. The full kit includes: Matrice 210 with 3:35 minutes total verified flight time Cendence Transmitter CrystalSky 7.85" High Brightness Monitor...
  7. S


    Cheers to everybody from Kazakhstan! I have been playing with the idea of starting thermal inspection business with UAV for quite a long time. After deep and exhausting searching through forums I came up with two solutions, which are the most sutable ones for given task. Of course you all know...
  8. DroneGal

    DJI M600 with Zenmuse Z15 for the GH4 and an Extra Battery Set

    SHORT PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Assembled and Ready to Fly Works with Zenmuse Gimbals / Cameras Works with Ronin-MX Gimbal Up to 33 Pound Total Take-Off Weight Integrated Lightbridge 2 Support Full HD 1080p Live Monitoring DJI A3 Flight Control System Controllable with DJI Go App Retractable Landing...
  9. TheCrow

    New from Orlando...Matrice users

    Heys guys and gals From Central Florida...on a fast track to get business up and running. ...pricing my fleet as we speak.. Matrice 600 Matrice 210 Inspire2 Ag 2 Phantom pro XT and X30 cams for now Im registered with Dart Drones April 28th Would like to network with the Matrice users since...