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  1. iReviewFrozenDinners

    US v. Causby (1946) and what altitude can you legally fly at over someone's property

    This sometimes comes up on the /r/drones subreddit that I help moderate and wanted to get your guys' thoughts and maybe even some clarification from people smarter and more knowledgeable than I. Some people are claiming that people have ownership of airspace above their property, more...
  2. A

    Any advise and help please

    Hi all thanks in advance I have just passed my pfco license and I am really confused with how to obtain permission from local properties that are not under your control( within 50m of your flight ) so if I need to take pictures of a house for an estate agent but one person says they are not...
  3. C

    107 Regulation "Flyers"

    Was curious if anyone has stumbled upon a good "flyer" or "pamphlet" that they keep in their back pockets for when someone approaches them concerned about privacy. Something that explains how they are legally operating under 107 and whatnot. Something that is also easy to understand and not...
  4. Adam Furgang

    An Observation on FAA Drone Rules

    My blog post on: An Observation on FAA Drone Rules An Observation on FAA Drone Rules
  5. Kristina Fowler

    Flying 400 ft above a "structure". What is a "structure"? §107.51

    RE: §107.51 Operating limitations for small unmanned aircraft. A remote pilot in command and the person manipulating the flight controls of the small unmanned aircraft system must comply with all of the following operating limitations when operating a small unmanned aircraft system: (a) The...
  6. ChoiceGraphX

    Old footage before regulations or guidlines?

    Quick question about legal use of footage taken before regulations were made or even suggestions. Flying during the days of Phantom 2 I shoot footage that was over crowds, this was way before even the guidelines for flying was a suggestion, can the footage be used or should it be banded? Footage...
  7. Breizhdrone

    Fly a drone in France (Europe) for foreigners and regulations

    Hi, You are foreigner and you want to fly a drone in France for recreation purposes or as professionnal. Ensuring people and other aircraft are under your responsibility. For this reason, you should check before if your insurance covers you for your practice in France. The French authorities...
  8. Delta Blue

    Politicians Watching Us

    WATCH: Private drones cause increasing concern on Capitol Hill This article and video should be of concern to us. I have seen many drone users bragging about flying outside authorized envelope, into clouds, flying at night, farther than visual ability, etc. They are waiting for a disaster to...