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  1. Robert Dunaway

    RTK setup for Firefly6 Pro

    I’m trying to upgrade my Firefly6 to an RTK/PPK system and cannot find any documentation or pictures showing how BEV installed and configured their systems. My FF6 has a 4 pin connector coming out of the back of the pixhawk labeled “RTK”. I know that they originally used an Emlid setup but...
  2. G

    Zenmuse X7 for Mapping/Modeling

    I'm looking at using the X7 for some modeling projects and see that it's capable of a mechanical shutter within a shutter speed range 1/1000-8s. I've asked DJI if there is a way to ensure the camera has shot in the mechanical shutter mode if shooting within the shutter speed specs, but the only...
  3. C

    Matrice 210 RTK V2

    Hey All - We just received our new Matrice 210 RTK V2 last week. Made our first flight this morning with tons of problems. Unable to pair the UAV with the D-RTK2 Base Station - talked to DJI this morning and they asked me to make a video showing that I was connected to the aircraft, what...
  4. J

    Inspire 2 with PPK System - Ultimate Mapping System, No more spending all day setting GCP's

    I have an Inspire 2, 8 batteries, OEM charger, 4 bank rapid charger, X4S camera, GPC GoProfessional hard case and BaamTech PPK system. All items are in like new condition with very little flight time. This system can be used with VRS or a survey grade receiver that are recording during flight to...