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  1. Adam Furgang

    An Observation on FAA Drone Rules

    My blog post on: An Observation on FAA Drone Rules An Observation on FAA Drone Rules
  2. Mike Flys

    FAAST classes & webinars

    FAA Safety Team As a private airplane pilot I have been attending FAAST classes for years. As commercial drone pilots you can and should attend as well. You sign up for free at Safer Skies Through Education - FAA - FAASTeam - FAASafety.gov After you set up your account you can choose from a...
  3. Help From Above

    mFiRSTS.com - Help from Above in Metro Detroit!

    Hello all. Happy 2018! It's going to be greater than ever!! Re-launched my websites: mFiRSTS.com flysallday.com Please visit my sites and give some feedback!!!